7 Signs You Are Truly In Love


1. You are excited to see your mate

Everyday you look forward to seeing your loved one. Do you get excited when they walk through the door? Do you always make sure to give them a kiss hello or goodbye? Do you miss them when you are apart from each other whether on vacation or just for a long day. These are sure-fire signs that you are in love.

2. You still say I love you and mean it

Throughout the day at random moments you and your partner still say I love you to one another for no reason at all. Sometimes we will be walking from a store to the parking lot and my partner will stop me in the street turn to me and say I love you. When we are sitting on the couch watching TV I will turn to him and say I love you. At random moments throughout the day we will look into each other’s eyes and say I love you. We say it because we mean it, because we want to, because it feels good and because we want the other person to know how much we love them. Make sure your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner, knows how much you love them.

3. You are comfortable around them and can be yourself

You are completely comfortable around your significant other. You are an open book and can say what you want and feel. You say things that other people might judge you for or find strange, but with your love you can be you. You sing and dance sporadically, making up songs, belting out your favorite lyrics or busting out random dance moves. You can fart and laugh about it, still slightly disgusted with one another, but still comfortable enough to do it. You can be your weird little self.

4. You want to spend time with them

You actually want to spend time with your significant other. Some people are trying to get away from their husbands or wives, boyfriends or girlfriends, but not you! When it comes down to it you’d rather be with him or her than anyone else in the world! If you could go on your most desired vacation, you would take your partner with you, no doubt about it. Going places without them just doesn’t seem as fun. If a night on the couch with your loved one seems like a great evening, then you know you’ve found a good one.

If your first choice is to hang out with one of your friends or go on a vacation with someone else, you might be in trouble. Maybe you need to spend some more time alone doing fun things with your loved one to rekindle that spark and remind yourself of the fun loving person you chose to be with.

5. You think about them often

When you are at work, in the car, in the grocery store, or even in the next room, you think about them. You think about things you’d like to do with them or say to them. You want to tell your love about something that happened to you or you wonder how their day is going. When you are shopping or at the store you see things and think to yourself, they would like that. Throughout the day you take the time to shoot them a text or give them a call just to check in and say hello.

6. When a problem arises you don’t want to run

When a problem arises your first thought is not “I want out!” You don’t want to leave your relationship when you get into an argument, fight or disagreement, you want to make it better and solve your problems. If every issue brings you one step closer to ending the relationship than he or she might not be the right one for you. People in happy loving relationships want to get through their problems, not run away from them.

7. You see a future with that person

If you’re already married then this means you see a future of happiness with that person. You see yourself growing old together and enjoying life together. Some of you may be thinking I’m already stuck with this person, but the reality is you have a choice. And the feeling of being “stuck” with someone is not a good feeling or good sign.

If you are not married yet or have not yet made a commitment to be together long term, then you know you are in love when you see a future with your partner. The thought of marrying them or moving in together excites you! You can’t wait for all the wonderful adventures you have yet to embark on.

“There’s no changing your mind about whom you love. That’s part of the tough thing about being in love – it’s sort of undeniable.”
-Piper Perabo

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