Berry Smoothie, Berry Delicious

Smoothies can be a delicious and nutritious way to help nourish your body. Whether for breakfast in the morning or an afternoon meal, it is a great way to enjoy healthy eating. The berries in this recipe, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory benefits and phytochemicals that help to get rid of belly fat and fight disease like cancer. Fruits such as these also help against aging. Smoothies should replace a meal and should not be considered as an addition to a meal, (unless you are using portion control to add your smoothie to a meal). As always, remember to use organic berries as berries especially tend to retain pesticides.

Berry Smoothie Recipe

½ Cup coconut water (If you prefer a different base try almond milk or simply water)
¼ Cup vanilla yogurt (I like to use Vanana from Trader Joes, a mix of Vanilla and Banana yogurt)
5 Small strawberries
10 Raspberries
10 Blueberries
1 Handful fresh spinach
1 Tbs. chia seeds
1 Scoop vanilla protein powder (Try Plant Fusion Vanilla Bean, can be found on Amazon)

Add the coconut water first. Then add the berries and spinach. Last add the yogurt, protein powder and chia seeds. Use your blender or Magic Bullet. Makes enough for one person. I use organic frozen berries from Trader Joes. If using fresh fruit, add some ice cubes for a frozen and thick smoothie. Blend and enjoy.

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