What to Expect

Prior to Your Appointment

Once you have scheduled your first appointment, you will be sent an Intake Form to complete, and an Informed Consent Form to sign, no more than 5 days before your session. These forms may also be found on the website. You will be asked to bring these documents with you to your appointment or email them to [email protected] The Intake Form helps to get a full picture of who you are, what areas you have concerns about that we may address in the session(s), and what your goals are. The Informed Consent Form explains the benefits and limits of Healing Touch.

During Your Session

  • You will receive a brief explanation of what energy therapy is and we will answer all of your questions prior to beginning the session.
  • If it is your first appointment, we will typically take 20 minutes to review your Intake Form and history. Some of the Healing Touch techniques that may be used during the session are discussed.
  • If the session is in-person, you will lie on a massage table fully dressed, shoes off. With your permission, hands will be used for both gentle on the body touch and off the body energy therapy techniques.
  • If the session is via ZOOM or by phone, you will sit or lie down in the comfort of your own home. The practitioner will use intention to facilitate the energy therapy techniques, which is just as effective as in-person sessions because energy travels!
  • You are not expected to do anything during the session, except try to relax, usually with eyes closed. Music is played to help you relax. If in person, essential oils may be used.
  • Sessions will begin and end with the assessment of your chakras and energy field. The results of this assessment will be discussed with you at the end of the session.

After Your Session

After your session, we will take about 10 minutes to gather your feedback, process the session, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with information such as observations, messages and/or evaluations.  Before we complete the session, we will determine a plan for growth together, including scheduling any follow-up sessions.

Overall Time of Session

Please note that if you are a first time client, at least 20 minutes will need to be spent on reviewing your Intake Form and history on your first appointment. Therefore, it is recommended that you book a 90-minute appointment for your first appointment to allow for more time to discuss your Intake Form and history without taking time away from the energy healing treatment. First time clients that book a 60-minute appointment, should expect a shorter energy healing treatment due to this.

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