Dreams Work on Us Whether or Not We Work on Them!


To everything there is a season… Ecclesiastes 3:1

Transitions are all around us. The ever-changing seasons give us exquisite reminders of this reality.
During our lifespans, we will experience personal transitions too. Change can be unsettling, of course,
because we tend to fear the unknown, and change will lead us into what is presently unknown. Resisting change is about the most futile thing we can do, and yet we find ourselves doing just that way too often.
We waste our energy and stress ourselves out this way. It’s inevitable that we will change status, homes
and outward identities as our personal seasons dictate. Regardless of transitions, however, our Dreaming Self remains a constant beacon, even when the journey we’re on may be socked in with fog and difficult to follow.

Where attention goes, energy flows…

We’re encouraged to practice mindfulness in order to balance our male and female energies to keep us
healthier in mind, body and spirit. Mindfulness in the world of dreams means honoring them by remembering them and taking their wisdom to heart. Dreams are among the most important sources of
information we can ever access, and their value during times of transition is multiplied many times over. Especially when we’re transitioning along a path that is leading to parts unknown, the symbols and feelings that come through dreams may encourage, warn, or otherwise point the way for us. While it is true that dreams work on us whether or not we work on them, doing real dream work does help outfit us with a great satchel full of tools with which we can more easily accomplish the tasks we find before us.

“Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious.” -Carl Jung

What is dream work? It’s learning to record dreams (honoring their inherent gift), interpreting them
(gaining the knowledge within), and acting on their wisdom. Once we learn to interpret our dreams, we
have access to so much more insight that we ever imagined. Dreams allow us to see things from a higher perspective than our day-to-day busy-ness generally allows. They help us understand the motivations of others and ourselves, making it clearer to us where we are being authentic or disingenuous. This kind of inner vision helps us grow much more in sync with our highest spiritual good.
Dreams communicate to us through our own unique symbolism. One person’s “tree,” for example, may
call to mind a “tree of life” pendant his mother always wore, and so it reminds him of something close to mother’s heart. Another person’s tree may call to mind a grand old white oak she used to climb as a child, and so it reminds her of innocence and childhood adventure. People in our dreams can represent part of ourselves, others, or both. It can get complicated; but what we create in our dream lives can be understood with some simple tools.

“A dream uninterpreted is like a letter unread.” -Talmud


Guest post written by Elizabeth Adelsheim

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