What The Real World Would Be Like If It Was A Little More Like Burning Man

We would be kind to each other. No gossip, no judgement, no hatred, no racism.

We would give to each other and not expect anything in return.

We would hug each other more. Forget the boring, impersonal handshakes.

We would have more fun, share more laughs, and not take life so seriously.

We would be more present in each moment, never rushing to the next.

We would put down our cell phones.

We would work hard, creating things together for the benefit of the community.

We would keep our streets clean and respect our environment.

We would accept each other as we are.

We would treat strangers as friends we haven’t met yet.

We would share meals with each other.

We wouldn’t try to convince anyone to buy anything they didn’t need. No advertisements.

Everyone would have enough.

We would have dance parties every day.

Age wouldn’t matter.

We would allow each other to feel whatever it is we are feeling and help each other get through it. No need to hide emotions.

We would embrace our differences.

We would help each other survive.

We would wear fun costumes and encourage individualism.

We would give each other rides.

We would drink lots and lots of water and remind each other to drink water.

We would exercise more as a way of transportation without thinking it is a chore.

We would talk and hang out with our neighbors.

We would appreciate life more.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was a little more like Burning Man?

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