How Hobbies Can Drive You To Mindfulness

Many hobbies allow us to practice mindfulness and relieve stress because they drive us to focus on the present moment and task at hand. Hobbies allow racing thoughts to subside and the mind to be at ease, concentrating on our current movements. Being mindful allows us to fully enjoy the beauty of the moment, enlightening us to master our hobbies. Here are some hobbies that are known for their mindful abilities:

1. Art


Wheel Throwing Pottery

Any type of art, whether painting, drawing, sculpting or photography is a way to fully appreciate and be in a creative moment. In wheelthrowing pottery, for example, I found that having to center a piece of clay on a spinning wheel and shape it into somewhat of a familiar object, takes a lot of patience, practice, and mindfulness. If you lose your focus for even a second, you could find your piece of clay flying across the room (which I know from personal experience). Some art classes can be pricey, but you can always take a class at your local community college.

2. Music

acoustic-guitar-407214_640 (1)

Playing an Instrument

Anything involving music whether singing, dancing and even listening to music requires mindfulness. When you are immersed in a song, you are truly in the now, allowing the song to take over your mind, body, and soul. Whether you are playing the guitar, the piano or the drums, being mindful and focused on your instrument is needed for you to create a tune. Music in any form can be extremely meditative. Private music lessons can be expensive, but you can take cheap piano and guitar classes at community colleges.

3. Exercise



Exercising, such as jogging, swimming, biking and hiking, can really get you in the zone and free your mind of chatter. One great example of an exercise that allows you to strengthen your muscles and practice mindfulness is yoga. Practicing yoga is not only good for you physically, but also good for you mentally. Yoga is known as a hobby, an exercise and a meditation practice all in one. It forces you to focus on your breath and concentrate on what is happening on your mat. Losing focus on the present moment in yoga can cause you to lose your balance and makes the postures much more difficult to get into and hold. Some suggestions on cheaper yoga options are: Taking classes at a local gym like 24 Hour Fitness, finding videos online– this is is a great website , or find DVDs to do at home. If you struggle to get motivated to workout, group fitness classes are a great way to get yourself moving. Contact your local gym to see what types of classes they offer.

There are several other hobbies that allow you to be present and relieve stress such as cooking, knitting, reading, dancing, and the list could go on and on. If you really take the time to be present, any hobby or task you are performing can allow you to practice mindfulness, quiets the mind, greatly enhances your experience and improves your overall quality of life. What are some other hobbies you do that allow you to practice mindfulness? What are some hobbies you have stopped doing that maybe would be good for you to pick back up again?

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” – Mother Teresa


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